About Software Secured:

Software Secured is an application security firm located in Ottawa, Ontario. We help software development teams get ahead of hackers using a suite of services and products. At Software Secured we are on a mission to empower technology teams with the necessary skills and resources needed to deliver safe and secure software for everyone.

Software Secured is a place where the curious come to grow. Curiosity, ownership, and humility are at the forefront of our core values and we are constantly striving to make Software Secured an awesome place to work where people can learn, be leaders in their space, and share their knowledge with others. We want to continue building an organization of ambitious, smart people who are committed to our mission and focused on overall company success.

As a Demand Generation Lead:

You will be responsible for generating inbound leads using a mix of web, social, and referrals techniques. Things you will be working on:

  • Convert the organic traffic generated for the website into leads.
  • Plan, run, and manage acquisition campaigns on digital channels
  • Design and execute creative ways to attract and convert organic website traffic.
  • Design and execute landing page experiments to constantly improve lead acquisition and activation performance.
  • Partner with our strong technical team to provide necessary material that could be used to convert leads.
  • Work on our website and marketing collateral to improve digital presence.
  • Experiment with different mediums to push our content to.
  • Apply SEO best practices (e.g. tagging, link building, user experience, and content management).
  • Continually test and optimize content types, format, targeting, and distribution.

Must haves:

  • 1-3 years of experience in a similar B2B demand generation role.
  • Believe in our values (see below)
  • Experience developing content (text, video, graphics) for the digital environment.
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite or something similar.
  • Google Analytics, SEO tools, and keyword search.
  • Seasoned in developing marketing briefs, managing robust roadmaps
  • Capable of multitasking; can manage multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Extremely process-driven and analytical
  • Experience in facilitating, and/or producing video creation/editing for online content.
  • Experience with Content Marketing Automation tools such as Active Campaign.
  • Experience with online advertisements such as Facebook.
  • Experience in creating and conducting A/B testing to drive meaningful results.
  • Exceptional critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and communication skills

What you get:

  • Competitive salary as we are a startup but we pay like the big boys.
  • Generous health and dental plan.
  • Exclusive experience in the cyber-security space with a fast-growing consultancy company
  • You will help our clients fight cyber-attacks using content.
  • You will receive time and budget for training.
  • You will receive a budget for speaking in conferences and meetups.
  • Working closely with the founder and other senior staff.

What we care about

  • Security First: Software Secured’s mission and values are a part of everything we do. We care about how our clients can do what they do without having to worry about hackers disrupting their work.
  • Curiosity and humility: We are dedicated to learning and constantly improving. We hire the best of the best, humility is key to remain the best.
  • Own it: our engineers work hard to improve the state of web application security. To get there, we need to own every project, every assessment, every challenge, and every line of code.
  • Dive Deep: hard problems require diving deep to understand the real cause of the problem, we are not afraid at diving deep to come up with the best solutions.
  • Bold: we take huge risks so our clients can minimize theirs, taking risks is part of what we do daily so we ensure the highest impact of our solutions.